Monday, April 16, 2018

Choosing a Professional Telefunding Service

Choosing a Professional Fundraiser
Author: Tom Callahan

telemarketing agentCharities often choose a professional fundraiser to outsource their fundraising efforts, such as by way of a telemarketing campaign. A professional fundraiser can utilize its resources and technology to educate the general public about a charity’s mission statement or program, efficiently reach a broader audience, significantly offset a charity’s limited resource to fundraise, and potentially increase the charity’s visibility and donor pool. Consider these critical questions when deciding on which fundraiser is most credible and best for your organization:
• Do they have a quality control team that monitors calls for quality assurance?
• Do they effectively train their telephone agents and staff on professionalism, communication, ethics, and compliance with applicable legal requirements?
• Are the staff managed effectively with performance and ethical standards?
• Are donations that are raised adequately handled?
• Is the fundraiser properly registered with any applicable government agency?
• What is the fundraiser’s do-not-call process?
• Does the fundraiser comply with any applicable call time restrictions?
• Does the fundraiser have any references?

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