Friday, May 18, 2018

Annual Campaigns Concentrate on Unrestricted Gifts.

Associated Community Services Telefunding
Annual Campaign
An annual campaign is a yearly fund-raising endeavor directed at a large number of prospective donors. One of the goals of such a campaign is to offset the nonprofits’ standard year-round expenses. A nonprofits’ annual fund campaign may include telephone solicitations, direct mail, e-mail donation requests, and digital marketing appeals.

An annual fund campaign can also incorporate various types of fundraising strategies, which can range from a single direct mail appeal to a multi-tiered approach involving snail mail, email, live events, and a dynamic, interactive website. The bottom line is that the success of your appeal is going to depend on total investment.

  • An annual fund is typically launched in October, November, or December.
  • Most yearly funds concentrate on unrestricted gifts.
  • Determine a realistic, annual fund goal.
  • Make your annual fund personal to existing and new donors. Indicate how they directly can support your mission and make a difference.
  • Review your yearly giving marketing materials.
  • Review last year’s donor retention and attrition data.
  • Rewrite telephone scripts to include new or updated programs.
  • Create a calendar that serves as a timeline to organize and schedule plans, events, and goals.
  • Leverage your direct mail to existing donors by including the donor's name, events they have attended, and the dollar amounts they have contributed previously.
  • Create a webpage for online donations. Digital marketing campaigns should link directly to this page.
When your campaign ends, leverage the data you gleaned to develop bold insights about your in-house and newly acquired donors. Try to decipher the reason why some donors disengaged, and remember to thank an active donor in-person or over the telephone. Offering a ‘thank you’ to the donor should be the final part of the campaign before you end your appeal.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Associated Community Services: What We Do

Introduction to Associated Community Services. What we do. We focus on high-quality telefunding to potential donors along with maintaining existing donor relationships for our clients.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Updated ACS Employee Casual for a Cause 2018 Totals $8601.50 Year to Date

Here are the updated totals for the Associated Community Services Employee Casual for a Cause fund!
Description  CFC 2018
WK 4 & 5 Young Life
WK 6 & 7 American Heart Assoc
WK8 & 9
WK 10 & 11 Special Dreams Farm
Wk 12 & 13 I Care of Michigan
Wk 14 & 15 Gleaners Food Bank
Wk 16 & 17 Common Ground

Great job Associated Community Services Employees! Our grand total of the year so far is $8601.50!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018